About Us


Tiong Nam Heavy Transport and Lifting Sdn Bhd (TNHTL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tiong Nam Logistics Holdings Berhad. TNHTL has the skill-set and equipment to offer complete heavy lifting, transportation and installation solutions for a wide variety of payloads.


To date, TNHTL has successfully lifted, transported and installed many oversized and overweight equipment and structures. There is no secret to TNHTL’s success; good forward planning and sound engineering knowledge are expected and duly delivered. Standard operating procedures, developed and refined through over 30 years of industry experience, ensure that all our equipment is regularly maintained to the highest of standards.


Wherever the destination, whatever the cargo, you can rest assured that we will deliver.


Machinery & Equipment - Heavy Transportation


Tiong Nam Heavy Transport and Lifting Sdn Bhd (TNHTL) possesses the know-how and a comprehensive selection of heavy transport equipment configurations to undertake transportation of various types of heavy and oversized cargo safely. We provide customised and cost-effective project cargo logistics solutions from the start of the project cycle right up to the final delivery. Our wide range of services and extensive network are supported by qualified teams with the technical expertise and experience to execute each delivery proficiently.


Services include:

  • Heavy transport feasibility studies
  • Forwarding, customs clearance & bonded/non-bonded transportation
  • Route surveys
  • Cargo insurance
  • Transport engineering studies
  • Project cargo storage
  • Transportation temporary works
  • Loading and unloading
  • Authorities applications & liaisons
  • Sea freight

Machinery & Equipment - Heavy Lifting


Tiong Nam has the expertise and equipment to offer a wide range of lifting solutions for various types of industries and customer needs. Forward planning involving engineering studies, site surveys and scheduling are performed to optimize usage of the lifting equipment on-site to deliver cost efficient lifting solutions.


Services include:

  • Lifting studies
  • Site surveys
  • Rigging studies
  • Rigging equipment design & fabrication
  • Site temporary works
  • Machinery equipment positioning & removal
  • Plant equipment installation & dismantling

Machinery & Equipment - Installation Works


Tiong Nam has the experience and capability to provide plant equipment installation, mechanical works and support services to a wide range of industries  – Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Chemical and General Industries. Our policy is to take paramount commitment towards Quality, Safety and Assurance.

Chemical Plant Equipment

Complete delivery from factory to foundation including erection and installation of process equipment for chemical plants in Malaysia.

28 Photos

Portal Crane Units

Complete delivery from factory and site installation of Portal Crane Units.

2 Photos

Overhead Cranes

Complete delivery and installation of 12 units overhead cranes at MMHE, Pasir Gudang.

6 Photos

2nd Penang Bridge

Complete delivery and installation of gantry crane for the 2nd Penang Bridge Project.

5 Photos

Press Machines

Delivery, storage, installation, testing and commissioning of 1000 Ton and 500 Ton press machines.

9 Photos

Oleochemical Plant Equipment

Complete delivery from factory to foundation including erection and installation of process equipment for oleochemical plants.

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Machinery & Equipment - Other Services


Within Tiong Nam Group of Companies, we offer access to complete range of logistic services to meet your requirements under a single source provider.

Services include but not limited to:

  • FCL/LCL general transportation – Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand
  • Cross border transfer
  • Refrigerated warehousing and transportation
  • Container haulage
  • Integrated warehousing and distribution centre
  • Car carrier
  • Bonded trucking and warehousing
  • Packages express
  • Open yard storage
  • Sea freighting
  • Freight forwarding and import/export permit
  • Material handling equipment supply and service
  • Customs compliance/clearance EDI invoice transmission duty rates advice and cargo classification
  • NGV fuel system conversion
  • Insurance
  • Sale and service of trailers and prime movers
  • Industrial and household packing and moving services


Tiong Nam Heavy Transport and Lifting Sdn Bhd (TNHTL) utilizes a comprehensive selection of heavy transportation, heavy lifting and installation equipment to undertake the movement and installation of heavy and out of gauge project cargoes. The equipment can be assembled in a variety of combinations and configurations to suit various types of cargo characteristics, handling, operational compliance and safety requirements.


Heavy Transportation

  • Heavy duty prime movers
  • Portable steel bridge with ramps
  • RORO ramps
  • Skidding systems
  • Forklifts, low bed trailers and lorry cranes
  • Supports and transport beams
  • Semi hydraulic trailers (self jacking) with extendable deck length
  • Pole trailers with extendable deck length, rear steering and air suspension system
  • Hydraulic modular platform trailers (self jacking) with adjustable low bed width, tow bar and gooseneck attachment
  • Hydraulic modular platform trailers (self jacking) with tow bar, gooseneck and low bed and turntable attachments



  • Cranes of various capacities and types
  • Hoisting systems
  • Crawler cranes
  • Hydraulic jacks
  • Gantry lifting systems
  • Lifting beams, lifting tackles and rigging attachments


Mechanical installation, dismantling, packing and fabrication works

  • Skate rollers
  • Sky lifts
  • Flood lights
  • Hand lifters with caster
  • Transit leveler
  • Air compressors
  • Horizontal leveler
  • Rectifier sets
  • Air impact wrench
  • Generator sets
  • Torque driver
  • Vacuum sealers
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Bevelling machines
  • Cutting machines – plasma, auto cutter, pipe cutting and portable pipe cutter
  • Ultra high pressure water jet systems and accessories up to 40,000 psi
  • Machineries – Welding machines (argon and arc), welding rotators, overhead cranes, portal crane, concrete drill machines, hacker machines



Direct receiving and installation of skid modules and column from vessel to foundation.

11 Photos


Delivery of Stainless Steel Tanks for Vinyl Chloride Malaysia.

5 Photos


Lifting of Condensate MRU Absorber Vessels for Bunga Orkid Field Project.

7 Photos


Lifting of offshore module onto vessel for delivery to HHI, Korea. (Bongkot Field Development Project)

4 Photos


Delivery and customs clearance of a 50m length column to Indonesia.

6 Photos


Delivery of 3 nos High Pressure Separator units to MMHE for ERHA Project.

8 Photos


Complete dismantling and delivery of a offshore platform traveller unit to MMHE.

11 Photos


Delivery and Erection of Cement Plant Kiln Sections.

7 Photos


Lifting of Process Equipment and Tanks for Petrochemical and Gas Plants.

7 Photos


Delivery and Erection of a 42m length Steel Mill Column.

4 Photos


Delivery of Heat Recovery Modules (HRSG) to Petronas Melaka and overseas.

10 Photos


Delivery of offshore skids by barge to MMHE, Pasir Gudang.

4 Photos


Delivery of Offshore Skids and Accessories to Indonesia.

7 Photos


Delivery of Fuel Gas Heat Recovery System to East Malaysia.

4 Photos


Delivery and erection of precast segments, beams and launchers for infrastructure projects in Malaysia.

21 Photos


Transportation of steel structure frames to Tg. Bin Power Station, Johor.

4 Photos


Delivery of transformers, compressors and turbines in Malaysia.

8 Photos


Jacking, transportation and lifting of catamaran and tug boats for delivery to Yemen.

7 Photos


Lifting of 2 units 145 tons Valve Train for Tangga Barat Cluster Project.

3 Photos


Lifting of structures and machineries for civil projects in Malaysia.

11 Photos


Delivery of machineries for civil projects in Malaysia.

8 Photos


Transportation of Process Equipment and Pressure Vessels.

21 Photos


Delivery of 2 units 52m long Column to Pasir Gudang.

4 Photos


Delivery of skid units to Indonesia for the Chevron Platong Gas II Project.

5 Photos


Delivery of Process Equipment to Indonesia.

12 Photos