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Logistics - Overview


Logistics does not have to be complicated. It isn’t. Not to us.


With our diversification into various complementary supporting services for our main transportation business, we have the ability and experience to develop and execute a customized transport, storage and delivery plan for you. From container haulage to cross-docking services, customs brokerage to cold room facilities, no task is too small or too big. We are well-equipped and prepared to meet even the most challenging of logistics demands head on.


Simply put, through the integration of our services, we make complex logistics simple for you.

Logistics - Transporting


With over 2000 trucks of varying capacities, including open, box, bonded and refrigerated containers, we are the largest trucking company in Malaysia today. This has enabled us to transport any type of goods and provide storage at varying temperatures – from dry to chilled, and even frozen.


We operate a large fleet of haulage trucks, prime movers, car carriers and trailers that are equipped to move 20-40 foot containers. We also operate over 200 units of material handling equipment, such as forklifts and reach trucks, to facilitate warehouse operations.


Besides domestic transportation, our team of drivers and on-site staff are also highly experienced in providing cross-border services for demountable goods between Singapore-Malaysia, Singapore-Thailand and Malaysia-Thailand. To avoid any unnecessary costs from the extra handling of goods, we provide crane services at the relevant customs checkpoints to transfer our box containers onto trucks belonging to our affiliates in that country. Your goods are then transported in perfect condition, and with minimal cost, to their destination.

Logistics - Heavy Transport


Tiong Nam’s integrated capabilities are best displayed in the transportation of heavy-duty equipment required in large-scale projects.


Our fleet of low-loaders, lorry cranes and Cometto trailers (40 axle) for transportation of heavy-duty cargo and machinery, is supported by a range of integrated crane service systems including lattice-boom, mobile and all-terrain cranes, with between 8 and 330 tonne load capacities. At the same time, we also draw on our years of experience along with our engineering, technical, management and planning expertise to ensure safe, cost-efficient and timely deliveries. On top of that, we process all applications with the relevant local authorities (JPJ, JKR, TNB, TM and JBA) to guarantee smooth passage of goods in compliance with all regulatory requirements.


Tiong Nam Heavy Transport and Lifting Sdn Bhd (TNHTL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tiong Nam Logistics Holdings Berhad. TNHTL has the skill-set and equipment to offer complete heavy lifting, transportation and installation solutions for a wide variety of payloads.


To date, TNHTL has successfully lifted, transported and installed many oversized and overweight equipment and structures. There is no secret to TNHTL’s success; good forward planning and sound engineering knowledge are expected and duly delivered. Standard operating procedures, developed and refined through over 30 years of industry experience, ensure that all our equipment is regularly maintained to the highest of standards.


Wherever the destination, whatever the cargo, you can rest assured that we will deliver.

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Logistics - Warehousing


Starting from one bonded warehouse in 1993, Tiong Nam now owns over 75 warehouses in the region with a combined storage capacity of over 4.3 million square feet, making us the largest warehouse owner in Malaysia. This includes General Warehouses, Bonded Warehouses, Cold Rooms and Free Trade Zone/Free Commercial Zone Warehouses.


Aside from providing convenient tax-free storage for goods that need to be exported/re-exported, our warehouses’ operations are run by a cutting-edge, high-volume Warehouse Management System, designed to ensure accurate, fast and smart inventory management. The system incorporates functions such as RF barcode scanners, RFID readers, daily stock synchronisation, electronic inbound/outbound confirmation, product conversion, exception handling and real-time inventory status. It has enjoyed an outstanding track record since its implementation in 2002.


In addition, our dedicated IT team is highly skilled and fully committed to supporting our customers’ custom requirements through our adaptable Warehouse Management System and Integrated Logistics Management System. Most recently, in 2015, we incorporated the Automatic Storage Retrieval System (ASRS) to ensure full utilization of our storage space.


Our warehouse services are fully integrated with our delivery services. Our large fleet of trucks of varying capacities ensures that goods are delivered on time, or ahead of schedule. Our warehouse security is state of the art, equipped with CCTV facilities that enable us to remotely monitor all activity in our warehouses. Our equipment is continuously upgraded to enable us to stay relevant, and to enable you to enjoy the highest quality of service in the market.

Logistics - ASRS


Automated Storage Retrieval System (ASRS)


The addition of the ASRS to Tiong Nam’s fully-imported mobile racking system in 2015 has enabled us to take even greater strides in the provision of highly efficient and cost-effective storage services. The ASRS is a computer-controlled system which automatically places and retrieves loads from pre-defined storage locations. The system also maintains an inventory of all the stored items. In just over 1 year, with have equipped 98,906 square feet of storage space with the ASRS, with more to follow in the years to come.


The benefits of such a system are manifold. The first key benefit is the maximisation of our existing storage space, thus increasing our utilisation rate. The fully-computerised ASRS enables goods to be stored much more densely than in systems where goods are stored and retrieved manually. Fixed-aisle automated storage and retrieval machines (stacker cranes) also enable storage of goods up to a height of 20 metres.


Secondly, the ASRS, being fully-automated, reduces labour costs and improves safety, thereby reducing the amount of such fees being passed on to our customers. The need for forklifts and drivers is also reduced through the integration of conveyors and automated guided vehicles as part of the ASRS system, which enable rapid storage and retrieval of goods.


Finally, the ASRS drastically increases the efficiency and accuracy of storage and retrieval by removing the element of human error. The inventory is maintained and automatically updated, providing a seamless link between order-processing and logistics management.

Logistics - Cold Chain


Tiong Nam has extensive resources and a deep understanding of every component of the cold chain.


We have one of the largest cold room services in Malaysia, with warehouses in four different locations – Kampung Baru Hicom, Shah Alam, the Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) and Bangi, our latest addition with 170,000 square feet of storage space.


With a total storage capacity of 388,000 square feet, our cold rooms have multi-temperature capabilities – frozen, chilled and ambient – to facilitate the storage of a wide range of goods from chocolate, chemicals, and camera film, to raw materials used in the production of airplanes.


Our imported mobile racking system also ensures that we fully maximise the use of our storage space. We provide warehouse services to a wide range of clientele for a variety of purposes, acting as a depot for the export products of manufacturers, as appointed distributors for selected customers and providing cross-docking for hypermarkets.


To complement our cold room facilities, Tiong Nam has equipped itself with a fleet of refrigerator trucks to enable effective transportation at low temperatures. These trucks are equipped to store and transport goods in numerous conditions, providing ambient (28°C-30°C), air-conditioned (18°C-22°C), chilled (2°C-4°C) and frozen storage (-18°C and below), as well as Deep Freezing Treatment (-25°C).


As one of the largest cold room service providers in Malaysia, we are constantly expanding our cold storage facilities. Our continued addition of cold rooms will be matched by a corresponding rise in the numbers of cold trucks on the road, thereby equipping us to provide seamless, unparalleled service to our customers.


Our operation methods also conform to FIFO and HACCP ISO 22000 standards. Combined with our temperature-monitored refrigerated trucks, we ensure that you will be able to rapidly build a flexible and compliant cold chain.


Logistics - Spare Parts

Tiong Nam has a central spare parts warehouse featuring 9,352 square feet of storage space in 4-tiers, with over 35,000 warehouse items stored in 1,400 storage slots. This warehouse is solely dedicated to spare part storage, mainly housing computer parts and high-tech server components. At present, we deliver spare parts to more than 19 service centres and conduct multiple on-site deliveries throughout Malaysia daily.


In view of the delicate nature of the components stored in our spare parts warehouses, our warehouses are equipped with a state of the art inventory control system. This ensures the utmost accuracy in our inventory, especially given the fact that our deliveries have to be made within an extremely short 75-minute window.

Logistics - Bonded/FCZ


Tiong Nam has a total of 5 bonded and free commercial zone (FCZ) warehouses in the Klang Valley and Johor Bahru, with a total storage capacity of 722,222 square feet. In addition to our bonded warehouses, Tiong Nam also operates a fleet of bonded trucks to service these warehouses.


Ordinarily, the payment of duties on imported goods would have to be made at the time of importation. However, with our bonded facilities, customers can transport taxable goods in our bonded trucks and store them in our bonded warehouses without having to pay duty until the goods are eventually exported. This allows our customers to shift their tax expenditure to later in the process, reaping cash flow benefits.


Similarly, our FCZ warehouses enable our customers to delay tax payments until the goods are moved out of these duty-free zones. The difference with bonded warehouses is that FCZ warehouses are located within the respective ports. Security at such warehouses is of the highest level. Customers will also save on their overall logistic fees since goods can be transported to their final destinations directly from the port as and when required.


This is highly advantageous for local importers as well as for foreign companies looking to set up a base in Malaysia. Tiong Nam is well-resourced to oversee the entire logistics process, from importation, to storage, to eventual distribution or exportation. We also assist in the procurement of re-export and trans-shipment permits, ensuring that our customers’ needs are taken care of from start to finish.  

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Technology Deployment

Logistics - Technology Deployment

Our experienced technology deployment service allows our Information Technology customers to achieve higher efficiency in their supply chain via smart outsourcing of key technology deployment processes such as power-up, engraving and RAM installation. Our skillful technical team are able to manage deployment on a 24×7 basis, ensuring the highest level of end-customer satisfaction.

Air Freight

Logistics - Air Freight

We may specialise in the transport of goods on land, but we also act as agents facilitating the transfer of those goods for air or sea shipments. This is a key example of how the integration of our services works not just for us, but for our customers.


Logistics - Technology eCommerce

Tiong Nam eCommerce


The world’s transition into the technology age brings with it countless opportunities and potential synergies to be tapped by businesses brave and innovative enough to do so. Tiong Nam is one of these companies. Having established ourselves as the largest logistics provider in Malaysia, we have amassed a total of 205 acres of land throughout Malaysia, with 42 acres dedicated for logistics purposes, making us the largest land bank owner in Malaysia.


To date, we have a combined factory storage capacity of 4.3 million square feet, and 388,000 square feet of cold room storage facilities. These figures are constantly growing as we implement new systems to further increase our utilisation rates. Our land banks are complemented by substantial infrastructure for the transportation and delivery of goods. We control a fleet of over 2000 lorries across the Asia-Pacific region and undertake an average of 3000 consignments daily.


We are specialists in logistics and we see great synergies in partnering with, or providing logistics services to, foreign eCommerce businesses looking to set up a regional hub in Malaysia. Our extensive network in both East and West Malaysia is unparalleled and we are well-equipped to service such businesses looking to store goods in Malaysia and transport them across the region.


Kindly contact info@tiongnam.com should you be looking to work with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Custom Brokerage

Logistics - Customs Brokerage


Nobody likes red tape. Over the years, we have mastered the art of navigating the tangled web of bureaucracy in the different countries we service. To that end, we have become experts in the field of international freight forwarding.


Tiong Nam’s full service packages include provisions for cargo classification, insurance cover, duty rates and regional customer competence with customized EDI invoice submission. We also have experienced agents on the ground to monitor and aid in the documentation and clearance of goods at the respective customs. Red tape will be a non-issue for our customers. Our dedicated customs brokerage service company, Semangat Forwarding Agent Sdn Bhd, is licensed by the Malaysian Royal Customs to carry out customs brokerage activities throughout Malaysia. We currently have operations at all major West Malaysia Customs Import and Export Checkpoints.


Our 80 specialized staff maintain a close rapport with the Malaysian Royal Customs. We currently rank among the top 10 companies, out of the 800 plus forwarding companies in Malaysia, in terms of efficiency and volume.